From Proust’s Aristocracy to Sartre’s Outcasts


  • Divergent modes of being in the history of the Western world
  • An absurd world
  • The bourgeois masses
  • The elites
  • Manufacturing illusions
  • Guilt-ridden shame
  • Authenticity versus inauthenticity
  • Proust: the anthropologist of a tribe
  • The spirit of an era
  • The spirit of an era, and its understanding of equality
  • The spirit of an era, and the question of vices
  • The bastion of the aristocracy, and its vulnerabilities
  • High society, and the phenomenon of snobbery
  • The bastion of the aristocracy vis-à-vis other elite groups
  • High society vis-à-vis the commoners
  • The fall of the aristocratic milieu
  • Resurrecting the aristocratic ideal
  • The Proustian versus the Sartrean worldview – some introductory remarks
  • The question of time, history, and memory
  • Of things in the world
  • Of the arts
  • Of churches and church buildings
  • For a unitary Western tradition
  • A case of conflicting humanisms
  • Sartrean ethics
  • The carriers of salvation (as opposed to an aristocratic resurrection)
  • Sartrean politics: exploding the system

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